Dirk Koelewijn had been fishing in the Zuiderzee for years when he established his company 'Koelewijn's Haringinleggerij' in 1931. The quality of his herring stayed excellent over a long period of time, thanks to his unique, self-developed conservation method.

Seven seas is a market leader in seafood products,
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Seven Seas International is an international supplier of fish, molluscs, and shellfish for the retail, catering, and wholesale industries.

For more than eighty years, we have been supplying top-quality fish as well as excellent service. We produce, package, and deliver a wide range of fish products and seafood to our customers. We offer the best of the sea. In doing so, the main priority is given to our vision of quality, sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility.


Seven Seas International is certified for BRC and MSC. We ensure the quality of the products we offer, and encourage our partners and suppliers to do the same.


We collaborate exclusively with suppliers who have been certified for MSC, GLOBAL GAP, or ASC. This enables us to contribute to conservation of good and healthy fish stocks.


Together with our partners, we develop new products that unburden our customers even more. Excellent examples of this are our environmentally friendly and ecological packaging solutions.

Seven Seas International is a leading company in innovative and responsible fish trade. To see a presentation of the many fish species and seafood we offer, please have a look at our product page.



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Koelewijn Oostmaat B.V.
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